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GHS Enhances Its Development Services


The development services division of Good Hospitality Services is specialized in working with you, the hotel owner, to ensure a timely and cost-effective hotel project. Due to delays and unforeseen costs with new hotel construction, property refreshes, and conversion projects, owners are often surprised and disheartened to see the final costs for such work, as opposed to what may have been forecasted. We serve as a liaison between the owner and all parties involved in the project to ensure timeliness of the project, the expected and specified standards are delivered, and all aspects of the project are executed within the contracted cost.

GHS has a proven and successful track record over the last 30 years serving as this liaison and plans to continue to deliver with exacting consistency for any and all future projects. As the demand for development increases and costs continue to be of concern, owners find it even more imperative to have someone representing them through the process.

Good Hospitality Services promises to continue creating an efficient and effective process for owners, and by bringing us on board at the beginning of your project, you will be set on the right course to having a successful and profitable property. 

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