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GHS Executive Vice President, Brian Gilchrist, spoke on the Bureau Veritas’ panel about COVID and the hospitality industry


On May 28, 2020, Good Hospitality Service’s Executive Vice President, Brian Gilchrist, spoke on the Bureau Veritas’ free facilitated webinar panel to discuss how COVID-19 has changed guest behavior and the hospitality experience.

Brian shared his knowledge on how guest experience expectations have and will continue to evolve by highlighting the common theme of transparency. GHS properties have their established processes for best serving guests but guests are now wanting to know more about those processes. He enforces the idea that detailed communication is going to be the key in order to achieve guest satisfaction. This communication will include messaging that is available to guests via brand websites, check-in letters, social media, and any other channels of communication prior to the guests arrival.  

On the topic of sanitization - Brian expresses that it all comes down to the previous point of communication. Guests must be told and shown that the steps are being taken and the effort is being made to continue to serve them, while having their safety at the forefront. Guests are looking for consistency across brands and properties, so we must continuously work to provide that level of consistency that guests are now expecting - including simple things like keeping records and completed cleaning logs. 

We have to keep up with all municipalities' requirements and the differences among these that a guest may experience in their service. You must stay ahead of the guests and be proactive in informing them, rather than reactive, especially when it comes to accommodation or amenity changes that they can expect to see during this time. Brian also drives home the importance of sustainability when acquiring third party services for sanitization and the importance of strategically investing into these efforts for not just the time being but also thinking towards the future. 

The hospitality industry is continuing to see changes and evolutions, so establishing a standardized method of communication with guests is going to be the key to navigating what may come.