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Respect is key in retaining a high-performing team: General Manager at Home2 Suites Naples shares best practices for leading a strong, stable team


What does it take to build and retain a top-performing team?

It can be a challenge, but GM Dominick Soricelli at Home2 Suites Naples I75 Pine Ridge Road, FL is defying the odds while generating some impressive performance numbers:

  • YTD at 150 RPI
  • 89% Occupancy
  • Overall Experience 84.0
  • Overall Service 92.0
  • Cleanliness of Room 93.6
  • % of Problem Free Stays 91.0
  • Consistently in the top 1% of the Home2 brand

The hotel has been open for a year, and 17 of his current 24 Team Members have been with the team since opening. Here are Dominick’s tips for retaining great Team Members:

  • Be fair, just, and honest with every Team Member.
  • Show your Team Members that you care about them … not with just words, but with actions. For example, are your housekeepers busy? Bring them water or a snack!
  • Prove to your Team Members that there is nothing beneath you, especially in times like this. For example, work different departments - strip rooms, fold laundry, or clean rooms and public areas.
  • Prove to your Team Members that they are not alone in this.
  • Ask for help from your Team Members when you need it.  
  • Treat each Team Member with RESPECT. To me, this is the best thing you can do for your team! Our team is what makes us successful … not the other way around.

We have a lot of respect for Dominick and his team for sticking together and serving up Free To Be You Hospitality in ways that are really resonating with guests!