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Our team of professionals is able to support all aspects of hotel operations.


large company mindset and drive

We work with owners, brands, and team members in mind, and our clients enjoy a personalized approach with our knowledgeable, professional, yet down-to-earth team members. Our core values of respect, open and honest communication, accountability, and determination drive our efforts and lead to achieving desired results.

Our comprehensive array of services supports our properties in all aspects of hotel operations. We are there to ensure successful outcomes. fact, every property managed by Good Hospitality Services, reports net operating incomes at or above industry standards, and our market-driven approach has allowed us to excel regardless of the brand or geographic market.

Every hotel we represent is staffed with committed employees who understand that customer service is relational, not transactional. They are meticulously trained to deliver customer-intimate service at every touchpoint. Employees must be highly skilled, fully engaged, and exemplify the GHS mission and values. As a result, GHS-managed properties boast outstanding guest service scores, most in the upper 15% of the nation.

GHS serves four ownership groups, 20+ hotels throughout the Midwest, Iowa, and Florida, and includes brands such as Hilton and Marriott.

Hotel management services include but are not limited to human resources, payroll processing, benefits aministration,accounting, loss prevention, procurement, marketing support, renvenue management, and facilities maintenance.